Make the decision. Start eating yourself to health today.

Our Process

Pick a Plan

We have four affordable plans that you are able to choose from each week. 

Bronze: $70- 7 Meals

Silver: $90- 10 Meals

Gold- $130- 14 Meals

Platinum- $150- 20 Meals

Pick your Meals

Our menu changes each week. We provide 5 different meals, an assortment of breakfast items and snacks you can pick from. Mix up your meals however way you would like, as long as it totals to the maximum amount your selected meal package contains. Feel free to swap out any sides, as long as you swap with one on the current menu. Snacks are an additional $5, but you have the option to swap out a meal with a snack item.


Pay and Pick-Up/Delivery

All orders are guaranteed if paid for by Thursday, 3pm of each week. 

You can traditionally order here online or via DM on Instagram, and then pay via Cash App using the tag: $Kromahfit.

Pick-up Times

Saturdays: 9:30am-12 noon

Sundays: Call for pick-up time after purchase.

All deliveries are scheduled for Sundays 4-8:00pm.